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Crusader Kings II Overview

Crusader Kings II, a grand strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studios, is a dynastic medieval simulation game: starting as early as 769 AD and ending no later than 1453 AD, you play as a landed noble struggling to keep your dynasty alive and in power. More than just a civilization simulator, CKII places immense focus on the interaction between characters. When your character dies, you continue playing as that character's heir, and so on and so forth until you have no landed heirs left in your dynasty, until 1453AD, or until you decide to stop playing.

Arumba's Tutorial Series

Unfortunately, the in-game tutorial is somewhat... lacking. While it does an ok job of introducing you to the user interface and some very basic game principles, it doesn't go far enough in explaining the way the in-game world works. I've found the best place to start is to watch games recorded by more experienced players. This might sound boring, but I've found it a sound strategy to learn this game; CKII has an incredibly steep learning curve (I've played over 750 hours and don't consider myself an expert yet).

YouTube "Let's Play" Gamer 'Arumba' created a Tutorial Series of videos to help new players learn the basics of the game. The tutorial was published in August 2014, and while not 100% up-to-date (several patches and expansions have been released in the meantime, resulting in some changes to the interface and game functionality), it still provides a superior introduction to the user interface and the concepts of 'feudalism' that permeate the game than the in-game tutorial. I suggest you watch a few videos, then start up a game on your own and experiment. Don't be afraid of 'failure' - recovering from the various challenges the AI throws at you is all part of the fun!

“...playing is winning, and there’s something quite satisfying about leading your house to power and glory through whatever means you can, for as long as you can.”

(Strategy Informer)

Key Concepts:

Facets of gameplay


Managing your demense, the collection of Castles, Cities, and Temples you control, is vital: you get gold and troops from your demense. Dont' keep too much land for yourself, otherwise you may have to deal with jealous subjects.


Under feudalism, rulers grant parts of their demense to vassals in exchange for a portion of their taxes and levies. Keep on the good side of your vassals; if they have a low opinion of you, they might rebel...

Prestige, Piety, & Gold

There are three types of currency: Prestige, Piety, and Gold. Nobles care about prestige, churchmen care about Piety, everyone cares about Gold. Spend wisely!

Casus Belli

In order to expand your demense through warfare, you need a claim, or Casus Belli, on the target. If you don't have a claim, you can fabricate one, arrange political marriages to secure one, or press one of your subject's claims.


Without a dynastic heir to inherit your land and title(s), it's game over. A large dynasty can be problematic though... relatives might inter-marry and spread negative congenital traits throughout your dynasty; they may also press claims against you!


When diplomacy and warfare fail, there are always less savoury ways to get things done... Lie, cajole, bribe, blackmail, and murder if you want, just be careful not to get caught; nobody likes a scheming kinslayer...

Some CKII Numbers...

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Emergent Storytelling at it's finest...

... Most Politically incorrect game ever made...

Most Politically incorrect game ever made. You will commit : Regicide, Patricide, Infantcide, Episcopicide, Uxoricide along with many other forms of Homicide, you will loot cities and kidnap women and children, You will destroy great castles and marry your cousin and castrate or blind your enemies, you will send thousands to their deaths in pointless wars or launch crusades against the heathens and mistreat the Jews, you shall commit adultery and torture your prisoners and arrest innocenet people and confiscate their lands. Why will you do these things? Well, all for the love of power!

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Player on Steam

... gameplay is so deep and so enjoying ...

This game together with Europa Universalis 4 has completely ruined almost all other strategy games for me. I used to enjoy Civ 5 and I used to enjoy Total War. However since learning to play EU4/CK2, all I can think of while playing other strategy games is "Why isn't this game as good as the ♥♥♥♥ Paradox makes?". The gameplay is so deep and so enjoying with Grand Strategy Games like CK2 that I almost regret picking it up. I sometimes wish I hadn't open Paradox's box of terrors and maybe I could've lived in ignorance and enjoyed Rome 2, Civ and Beyond Earth. But sadly, I did. Beware: Buying this game may ruin all other games in the strategy genre for you. Ignorance is bliss.

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Player on Steam

... Jesus gives the Anti-Christ Military Advice for 30 years ...

... [my] second son ... turned out to be the Anti-Christ. Decide to cover it up by killing priest. 4 year old Anti-Christ kills my 10 year old so he can be heir. I die at 64 by natural death. 13 year old Anti-Christ inherits my throne. At Age 16 Anti-Christ tells everyone he is the Anti-Christ. Majority of the Catholic Church still like [him]. At Age 36, Jesus gives the Anti-Christ Military Advice for 30 years. Become the highest Martial skilled character in game. Conquor all of Spain. Known as King Lucius the Holy. Die at age 82 & all 23 of my bastards start claiming land tearing my new kingdom apart. 10/10 Thanks Jesus.

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@[KGL]85th_Ldr_Onion King
Player on Steam

... wife assassinates me ... would marry her again

Unites Kingdom of Ireland, Scotland and England. Son is heir to the throne. Son is my marshal and has fought 12 wars for me. Wife (and heir to the Holy Roman Emprire) is my spymaster. Wife assasinates me. Son inherits. He then gets assasinated by his mother; she has him pushed off a cliff. 10/10 would marry her again.

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@The Professor
Player on Steam

... You can do that...

Want to be an English duke who sleeps with the king's wife and then assassinates said king to inherit his realm? You can do that. Want to start as a Hindu Indian raja and expand all the way to the Mediterranean while crushing the Arab Empire? You can do that. Want to be an ambitious Norse pagan in Scandinavia who amasses enough men to conquer Britain and impose the worship of Odin on all of Europe? You can do that too. Want to be a Zoroastrian prince in the Asian steppes who marries the princess of another khan but also has a bastard son he got with his own sister? Guess what? Fair game.

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Player on Steam

... authorities in Rome decided to put his corpse on trial ...

... Pope Victor II, did by his actions and lifestyle so defile the Holy See that the current authorities in Rome decided to put his corpse on trial! The corpse of Pope Victor II was removed from its tomb and brought to the papal court for judgement. It was propped up on a throne, and a deacon was chosen to speak for it as its legal representative. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the accused was found guilty on all accounts and subjected to a punishment most dire. The corpse was stripped of its papal vestments, three fingers on the right hand (those used to give blessings) were cut off, and then it was interred in a graveyard normally reserved for foreigners... The punishment still not being deemed severe enough, the corpse was then exhumed again, tied to weights and cast into the river Tiber ... 11/10 would convert to Christianity again.

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@DJ Masta Pakkun
Player on Steam

Steam Offerings

Available for purchase through Steam:

CKII: Base Game

$43.99 /$CDN
Just the base game: no additional content included.
  • Crusader Kings II

Grand Strategy Collection

$109.99 /$CDN
4 Paradox Grand Strategy Games Bundle; saves $10.97
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Victoria II
  • Hearts of Iron III

Platinum Pack

$129.99 /$CDN
6 Paradox Premium Games Bundle; saves $23.95
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Knights of Pen & Paper
  • Magicka
  • Warlock 2: The Exiled
  • Cities in Motion 2

Crusader Kings II Collection

$174.99 /$CDN
Base game, 7 expansions, new art & music; saves $37.88
  • Crusader Kings II
  • 7 Expansions: Sword of Islam, Legacy of Rome, The Republic, Sunset Invasion, Sons of Abraham, The Old Gods, and Rajas of India
  • 8 portrait packs: African, Celtic, Mediterranean, Mongols, Norse, Persian, Russian, and Turkish
  • 11 Unit Packs: African, Byzantine, Celtic, Finno-Ugric, Military Orders, Norse, Persian, Russian, Saxon, Turkish, Warriors of Faith
  • 10 Songs: Hymns of Abraham, Hymns of the Old Gods, Songs of Byzantium, Songs of Faith, Songs of Albion, Songs of India, Songs of Prosperity, Songs of the Caliph, Songs of the Holy Land
  • Other: Dynasty Shields I-III, EUIV Converter, Ruler Designer, Customization Pack

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